Phoenix Family Law Judges

Judge Name Telephone Court
Honorable Cynthia Bailey (602) 506-5121 Northeast
Honorable William Brotherton (602) 372-2024 Central
Honorable Theodore Campagnolo (602) 372-0537 Southeast
Honorable Suzanne Cohen (602) 372-1916 Central
Honorable Katherine Cooper (602) 506-8311 Central
Honorable Kristin Culbertson (602) 372-4762 Southeast
Honorable Geoffrey Fish (602) 372-1771 Central
Honorable Dewain D. Fox (602) 372-2260 Central
Honorable Jennifer E. Green (602) 506-0438 Southeast
Honorable Michael Herrod (602) 372-0359 Central
Honorable Stephen Hopkins (602) 372-5561 Southeast
Honorable Ronee Korbin Steiner (602) 506-1927 Central
Honorable Joseph Kreamer (602) 372-1764 Northeast
Honorable Paul McMurdie (602) 372-0765 Central
Honorable Kathleen Mead (602) 506-2500 Northwest
Honorable Frank Moskowitz (602) 506-7140 Northwest
Honorable Jay Polk (602) 506-0879 Northeast
Honorable Laura Reckart (602) 506-5861 Southeast
Honorable Jeffrey Rueter (602) 372-5465 Southeast
Honorable Jennifer Ryan-Touhill (602) 372-0920 Northeast
Honorable James D. Smith (602) 372-5945 Southeast
Honorable Howard Sukenic (602) 506-8214 Central
Honorable Pamela Svoboda (602) 372-1983 Central
Honorable Timothy Thomason (602) 506-0573 Central
Honorable Peter Thompson (602) 372-3579 Southeast
Honorable Roy Whitehead (602) 372-8496 Northeast

How Judges Are Selected

Divorces and other family law matters in Maricopa County are heard in Superior Court. The judges are appointed by the Arizona Governor based on merit. The candidates are interviewed and screened by a special committee before a list of finalists is delivered to the Governor who reviews the applications and interviews each finalist before making the appointment decision.

Once appointed, Maricopa County Superior Court judges are subject to public vote in retention elections. This gives the public an opportunity to remove ineffective judges from the bench.

Phoenix judges may periodically rotate between civil, criminal, and family law divisions. We try to maintain this list accordingly, but please visit the Maricopa Superior Court website for the most accurate information or contact our Phoenix family lawyers to discuss any family law matter.