Lundy v. Lundy (2017)

In Lundy v. Lundy, the Arizona Court of Appeals reversed the family court’s attribution of income from a second job, for purposes of calculation of child support. After the parties’ divorce, Father filed a petition … Read More

Mitton v. Mitton (2017)

In Mitton v. Mitton, the Arizona Court of Appeals vacated the family court’s improper calculation of child support in a situation where one child lived a parent full time while the parties shared equal parenting … Read More

Nia v. Nia (2017)

In Nia v. Nia, the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld the family court’s calculation of child support and held that there is no presumption for child support deviation based on previous deviation.  When the parties … Read More

Schultz v. Schultz (2017)

In Schultz v. Schultz, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed the family court’s decision to credit a litigant for direct payments of spousal maintenance. During their divorce, the parties agreed Father would owe Mother spousal … Read More

DiPasquale v. DiPasquale (2017)

In DiPasquale v. DiPasquale, the Arizona Court of Appeals held that a family law litigant may join a third-party spouse to litigate a party’s contribution to community property for purposes of enforcing a previous family … Read More