Our law firm internally measures performance based solely on results and client satisfaction. There are no billable hour quotas or other anti-client incentives.


The awards and recognition are nice, but those are meaningless unless the client is happy. Last time we checked, we had more than 60 five-star client reviews. Here’s a sample of what our clients say about us.


“I began a relationship with Jay and his partners very late in the divorce process. I had a complex litigation involving an attempted relocation with children. I couldn’t recommend Jay and his team higher, my only mistake in working with him is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Dan, Divorce

“Jay did an amazing job representing me during a child custody/child support case! I previously retained a different law firm and I was very unhappy with them and that’s when I found Jay. Best decision I made was switching to him.”

Jessica, Child Custody

“I retained Jay for my child custody matter. He is responsive, professional, highly intelligent, dependable and he will get results! If you’re in need of an attorney that will go above and beyond.. Jay is your guy. I am so grateful I found Jay and his team!”

Robert, Child Custody

“I really couldn’t be happier with the results of my case. Not only did I get almost exactly what I wanted out of my divorce, but also my fees for the entire case were only about one-third (1/3) of what my ex paid for her attorney (hers was hourly), who has been practicing for over 30 years.”

Andrew, Divorce

“Emi and Jay are incredible attorneys. I have never met two people who are as devoted as they are. Every question I had was answered. They are professional, prompt, but most importantly they care! Emi is incredibly hard-working and dedicated! She worked hand in hand with me, making sure each question I had was answered. My paperwork was always filed in a timely manner and she knew exactly how to handle every situation. Emi was attentive to all my needs and never made me feel bad for contacting her with questions. She always made sure to answer any I had. She is amazing!!

I can’t say enough great things about Jay. From the first email to now I’ve seen his kindness. The best part about Jay is how realistic he is. He never overpromises and he is was open with me about every possible outcome. He let me know which things were reasonable and which were not. He works really hard and he takes his job and clients seriously.

I have never trusted two people more in my life and I’m incredibly thankful that I had these two as my attorneys! I can’t rave enough, honestly.”

Liz, Child Custody

“Jay Hall is a great lawyer. He was patient with me even with my stressful moment over a 6 month period waiting for trial. Jay is calm, reasonable, and broke things down for me to understand. He really cares about his clients and their case and understand his job and the steps that need to be taken to get results. He won our relocation case and we are a whole happy family in our new state with my wonderful daughter! I highly recommend Jay Hall as a lawyer, he knows how to get things done! We appreciate all that he has done for our family!”

Heather, Child Custody

“Emi was nothing short of amazing in guiding me thru one of the worst and stressful experiences in my life! She came into my custody battle very late on (my fault) and worked so hard on it! She didn’t hesitate to answer any questions I had at any point and responded quickly and trust me mine wasn’t an easy one! She settled my case completely in my favor and didn’t stop until I was happy!”

Carrie, Child Custody

“I could go on and on but the most important thing I have to say is, I will be forever grateful to Emi for her work on this, my most important case ever. This is something I could never have accomplished on my own, or even with an average attorney I assure you (none of which advised me that I could be awarded attorney’s fees, which I received). Forever grateful.”

Jim, Child Custody

“I cannot begin to say enough great things about Hall Underwood. Their family law attorneys and way of doing things will have you pleasantly surprised. After dealing with Jay & Emi for only a few days, I knew I was getting top-notch legal service. Their fees are affordable, and their attention to detail far exceeds anyone I have ever dealt with in the past. No need to look elsewhere as far as I am concerned.”

Brandon, Child Custody

“Emi was beyond exceptional in so many ways! There really are no words to display how happy we were with her. We do not say this only because of the outcome, but because of the communication and everything that happened in between. Emi was very honest and open with us from the very beginning and there was never any questions about expectations or possible outcomes. Her response time with questions was impeccable and always very straight forward. I would recommend Emi to anyone looking for someone to represent you and assure you that she will always have your best interest at heart and will always be very straight forward and honest about the possible outcomes.”

Kayla, Child Custody

“My experience with Emi and Jay exceeded my expectations. My case was a high conflict child custody case in which Emi and Jay provided prompt answers to any questions, helped me view my case realistically and fought for the best outcome with poise and detailed accuracy. I would highly recommend their firm as their level of knowledge and professionalism is second to none. Thank you for making such an unpleasant experience manageable with all your support. I should add that my ex no longer wants to engage in any child custody issues in court as he knows who I have on my side. Thank you for all you do!”

Tanya, Child Custody

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to work with emi and jay. They were on top of my case constantly, they response time was the fastest I have ever experienced with any attorney. They always answered every question I had even if I had asked it a million times before, and honestly went above and beyond any expectation I had. They worked diligently, and I can’t thank them enough for that. I will continue to use them for every case I have, they will get the job done!! They were able to make me feel comfortable calm and fully prepared for my trial.”

Bonnie, Child Custody

“Excellent experience I have had with Hall Underwood, Jay and Emi have been handling my case for the past 2 years and have stayed on top of every piece of information necessary. Very affordable and over all very respectable and great client service, I highly recommend this firm for anyone looking for great representation.”

Frankie, Child Custody


Our experienced attorneys also represents individuals and businesses in a variety of civil litigation, bankruptcy, and corporate law matters.


“On this scale of 1-5 the rating earned here is a solid 12. Jay Hall is an outstanding, compassionate and knowledgeable attorney. As a single mother on a slim budget, I shopped around. My young adult son needed help with a personal matter that could have been disastrous to him. Jay listened to him intently, said he would glad to help, and helped my son navigate his issue expeditiously with the utmost respect, guidance and reassurance. The matter was resolved with a favorable outcome and Mr. Hall has been just a blessing to us both.”

Lori, Civil Litigation

“I hired Jay Hall for a defense of a civil litigation case, and he is now my family attorney for all matters and he is one of the only two lawyers I would refer to friends and family…. Jay has a no bs approach to law and will not build his clients into a false sense of security. He is an extremely talented lawyer and has the wisdom and confidence to do for you what he does for me and my family and friends. Not what your typical lawyer is, and I have met many lawyers…and would only recommend Jay Hall and Associates.”

Mike, Litigation

“I could not be more satisfied with Jay’s help with my small business issue. Being a small business owner I was overwhelmed stressed with the threat of an angry client and Jay went above and beyond to help me. He calmed my nerves and he was patient. Jay answered all of my questions quickly. After the issue was resolved Jay made it a point to follow up with me to make sure my issues were resolved and everything was good on my end. I recommend Jay to all of my friends who are needing legal help and advice.”

Shanyn, Business Law

“I own several businesses in the Phoenix area and I have used some of the “big” law firms before. Never again. None of those attorneys compete with Jay. He is always a step or two ahead and everything he does is part of a bigger plan. Before Jay, I didn’t know how much writing ability could influence the outcome of the case. He’s my go-to now for all civil litigation matters.”

Matthew, Litigation

“I have a small online business and had some questions about trademarks and copy writing. They answered all my questions and gave me great advice!! I will definitely use them time and time again for all my business  or personal needs!!”

Theresa, Business Law

“Jay Hall of Hall and Underwood has been excellent to us. He is an aggressive attorney that is affordable. He is willing to answer questions at anytime, even during the weekend. This allows me to enjoy my weekend without stressing about lingering issues. You never speak to an assistant, you always speak to the attorney. I would recommend this attorney to all my family and friends. These attorney’s truely care about there clients and there legal issues.”

Chris, Litigation


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