ARFLP Rule 3. Definitions


ARFLP Rule 3 defines some of the important terminology used throughout the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.

ARFLP Rule 3. Definitions2020-03-03T16:09:42-07:00

ARFLP Rule 5. Consolidation


ARFLP Rule 5 provides the procedure for consolidating family court cases involving common parties and/or children.

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ARFLP Rule 6.1. Change of Judge for Cause


ARFLP Rule 6.1 provides the procedure for family law litigants to change the judge assigned to their case for good cause.

ARFLP Rule 6.1. Change of Judge for Cause2020-03-03T16:29:49-07:00

ARFLP Rule 7. Protected Address


ARFLP Rule 7 provides the procedure for family court litigants to protect their address from the other party.

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