Arizona Appellate Decisions

Davis v. Davis (2018)

In Davis v. Davis, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed the family court’s evidentiary ruling to admit as evidence a Court Appointed Advisor’s report and testimony.

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Berrier v. Rountree (2018)

In Berrier v. Rountree, the Arizona Court of Appeals remanded a family court’s interstate parenting time determination to be reheard as a relocation pursuant to A.R.S. § 25-408.

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Amadore v. Lifgren (2018)

In Amadore v. Lifgren, the Arizona Court of Appeals vacated (1) the effective dates the family court imposed for modification of child support and spousal maintenance and (2) the family court's decision to reduce prospective child support to offset overpayment of previous support. The parties were divorced by default decree in 2013. It awarded Mother $2,000 per month of indefinite

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Barron v. Barron (2018)

In Barron v. Barron, the Arizona Court of Appeals reversed the family court’s parenting time determination because it was based on impermissible presumptions about equal parenting time and gender.

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Johnson v. Provoyeur (2018)

In Johnson v. Provoyeur, the Court of Appeals affirmed the family court’s decision to exclude an expert witness’ supplemental report from a trial to modify parenting time because it was untimely disclosed.

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