Child Custody

How to Modify Child Custody in Arizona

A step by step guide to explain the process for modifying legal decision-making and/or parenting time in Arizona.

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Parenting Time in Arizona

Parenting time refers to the physical component of child custody in Arizona. It is the time each parent spends with his or her children pursuant to the court order.

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Barron v. Barron (2018)

In Barron v. Barron, the Arizona Court of Appeals reversed the family court’s parenting time determination because it was based on impermissible presumptions about equal parenting time and gender.

Barron v. Barron (2018)2018-11-09T12:17:54-07:00

Legal Decision-Making in Arizona

Legal decision-making refers to a parent's legal authority to make certain types of important decisions for his or her children. It does not affect parenting time.

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