Child Support

Financial Discovery in Family Law Cases

Discovery broadly refers to the process of obtaining additional information or documents from another party during litigation.

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Affidavit of Financial Information

If you’ve ever been involved in an Arizona family court case, you’ve probably heard the term “affidavit of financial information” or “AFI” as it is often referred.

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Types of Hearings in Arizona Family Court

There are several different types of hearings in Arizona family court cases. Each type can have unique goals and procedure. Understanding the differences can help you better prepare for your hearing. The information below is provided as a general explanation and may not always apply. Family court judges sometimes use terminology interchangeably or specify different instructions/procedure in their minute

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The Pretrial Statement in Arizona Family Court

The pretrial statement is an important document filed before an evidentiary hearing or trial. When the family court sets a trial, its minute entry usually contains detailed instructions and a deadline, typically five days before trial. The family court’s minute entry may require specific information, depending on the issues in the case. For example, if the case involves children,

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Testifying in Family Court

Both parties are expected to testify in family court if the case requires trial. In many cases, the parties are the only witnesses and their testimony significantly affects the outcome of the case.

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