Sherman v. Sherman (2016)


In Sherman v. Sherman, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed a family court’s decision to attribute as income, for purpose of calculating child support, funds the litigant described as a loan from a family member.

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Heidbreder v. Heidbreder (2012)


In Heidbreder v. Heidbreder, the Arizona Court of Appeals held that the family court must address child support when it modifies parenting time. 

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Simpson v. Simpson (2010)


In Simpson v. Simpson, the Arizona Court of Appeals reversed the family court’s decision not to order retroactive child support back to the date the divorce petition was filed.

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Income For Child Support Calculations


It probably comes as no surprise that child support is one of the biggest areas of contention in family law cases. Parents commonly misunderstand the fundamental purpose of child support and this often leads to protracted disputes regarding the parents’ income for child support purposes.

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Arizona Family Law Uniform Interrogatories


This is just a list of the Arizona family law uniform interrogatories litigants can use or may be expected to answer in various types of family law litigation. We’ll post a more detailed primer about interrogatories, especially non-uniform interrogatories in a separate article. 

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Arizona Child Support Guidelines


In Arizona, child support is typically calculated pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, which are reviewed by the Supreme Court every four years. The guidelines use an "income share" model intended to approximate each parent's contribution to the children as if the parents were living together. Though the Arizona Child Support Guidelines are not substantive law, the formula is used nearly universally

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Phoenix Family Law Judges


*Scroll right for telephone number and other information or click on the judge's name to view his or her biography. Judge Telephone Court Location Astrowsky, Brad (602) 372-2048 Central Court Building Bachus, Allison (602) 506-7569 Northeast Beresky, Justin (602) 372-5074 Central Bergin, Dawn (602) 372-2961 Northeast Blair, Michael (602) 372-0305 Central Coffey, Rodrick (602) 372-1783 Southeast Cohen, Suzanne

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