Financial Discovery in Family Law Cases

Discovery broadly refers to the process of obtaining additional information or documents from another party during litigation.

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When Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?

As the title implies, you do not automatically need a divorce attorney, even when you and your spouse do not agree to everything. Much of Arizona family law is uniformly applied and the results predictable with or without an attorney.

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The Danger of an Hourly Divorce Lawyer

The cost of attorney’s fees understandably concerns most people going through or anticipating a divorce. This is because we’ve all heard horror stories about outrageous fees charged by conventional hourly attorneys.

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Affidavit of Financial Information

If you’ve ever been involved in an Arizona family court case, you’ve probably heard the term “affidavit of financial information” or “AFI” as it is often referred.

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The Divorce Process In Arizona

Divorce is almost never easy. Even when the parties are amicable and mutually believe divorce is the best option, it is still a big decision. From our perspective, individuals going through divorce can be overwhelmed by the uncertainty — what happens next? Knowing exactly what to expect can make the divorce process a little bit easier for everyone. The

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