Flower v. Flower (2010)

In Flower v. Flower, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed the family court’s unequal division of marital assets and debts in a divorce. Husband and Wife each owned real estate properties separately before marriage. After … Read More

Valento v. Valento (2010)

In Valento v. Valento, the Arizona Court of Appeals held that the marital community contributions to sole and separate property create an equitable lien even when the market value of the property declined. During the … Read More

Barnett v. Jedynak (2009)

In Barnett v. Jedynak, the Court of Appeals modified the formula used to calculate a community lien on sole and separate property to account for premarital appreciation to the property. The parties lived together for … Read More

Bell-Kilbourn v. Bell-Kilbourn (2007)

In Bell-Kilbourn v. Bell-Kilbourn, the Court of Appeals held that a valid disclaimer deed is sufficient to rebut the presumption of community property, even when the deed was executed for a collateral purpose. This case … Read More