Income For Child Support Calculations

It probably comes as no surprise that child support is one of the biggest areas of contention in family law cases. Parents commonly misunderstand the fundamental purpose of child support and this often leads to … Read More

Hall Underwood Named Among Best Law Firms in Phoenix

According to, an independent organization whose goal is to connect consumers with the best service providers, Hall Underwood PLLC is one of the 20 best law firms in Phoenix, Arizona. Our litigation practice focuses on civil litigation defense … Read More

Requests for Production of Documents

Requests for production, commonly abbreviated as RFPs, are used during litigation to obtain documents, information, or other evidence from the opposing party pursuant to ARCP Rule 34  or ARFLP Rule 62, depending on the type of … Read More

Requests for Admission

Requests for admission, also known as RFAs, are a discovery tool that can be used during litigation to establish facts or authenticate evidence. Civil litigants in Arizona may propound or issue up to twenty five (25) … Read More

Arizona Family Law Uniform Interrogatories

1.  Name and Contact Information State your full name, current residence, telephone number, social security number, and date of birth; any names by which you have been known in the past; and, for any other … Read More

Legal Decision-Making in Arizona

Legal decision-making, often called legal custody in other jurisdictions, refers to the parents’ authority to make certain types of important decisions for their children. Categories of major legal decisions include: The non-emergency qualifier is important because parents ordinarily are … Read More

Arizona Child Support Guidelines

In Arizona, child support is typically calculated pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, which are reviewed by the Supreme Court every four years. The guidelines use an “income share” model intended to approximate each parent’s contribution to … Read More

Affidavit of Financial Information

If you’ve ever been involved in an Arizona family court case, you’ve probably heard the term “affidavit of financial information” or “AFI” as it is often referred. Pursuant to Rule 49, each litigant must file … Read More