ARFLP Rule 1. Scope of Rules

These rules govern the procedure in the Superior Court of Arizona in all family law cases, including paternity, and all other matters arising out of Title 25, Arizona Revised Statutes (“A.R.S.”). These rules should be construed and enforced … Read More

ARFLP Rule 2. Applicability of Other Rules

A.  Applicability of Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. The Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure apply only when incorporated by reference in these rules. B.  Applicability of Arizona Rules of Evidence.  1.  Upon notice to the court filed by … Read More

ARFLP Rule 3. Definitions

A.  Parties. Reference to a party to the action may include the state. B.  Definitions. In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall apply: 1.  Guardian. A person appointed pursuant to Title 14, … Read More

ARFLP Rule 4. Time

A.  Computation. In computing any period of time specified or allowed by these rules, by any local rules, by order of court, or by any applicable statute, the day of the act, event or default from … Read More

ARFLP Rule 5. Consolidation

A.  Scope of Consolidation. When actions within the scope of these rules involving a common child, common parties, or a common question of law or fact, are pending before the court, the court may order … Read More

ARFLP Rule 6. Change of Judge

All notices and requests for change of judge shall be made in accordance with Rule 42(f), Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. The filing of one or more post-decree or post-judgment petitions does not entitle any party … Read More