Engstrom v. McCarthy (2018)

In Engstrom v. McCarthy, the Court of Appeals held that the family court’s adoption of a Rule 69 agreement ceases its discretion to reject the agreement at a later date. It also held that the … Read More

Nicaise v. Sundaram (2018)

In Nicaise v. Sundaram, the Arizona Court of Appeals held that while family courts can award legal decision-making based on decisions parents are likely to make, the court cannot make the decision for the parents … Read More

Gutierrez v. Hon. Fox (2017)

In Gutierrez v. Fox, the Arizona Court of Appeals denied a special action challenge to the family court’s temporary orders and held that (1) Arizona was the home state for purposes of establishing jurisdiction; (2) … Read More

Sundstrom v. Flatt (2017)

In Sundstrom v. Flatt, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed the family court’s award of sole legal decision-making to the parent against whom the petition to modify was filed. When the parties divorced, they agreed … Read More

Goodman v. Forsen (2016)

In Goodman v. Forsen, the Arizona Court of Appeals defined the “special weight” family courts must give to a parent’s decision to oppose non-parent third party visitation under A.R.S. § 25-409. Mother had one child whose … Read More