Child Custody

Coparenting During the Holidays

Coparenting can be difficult under ordinary circumstances and the stress of the holidays can make it worse. The holidays are mass marketed as a joyous time full of family and free of stress, but reality can be a lot different especially for survivors of divorce or child custody litigation.

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Barron v. Barron (2018)

In Barron v. Barron, the Arizona Court of Appeals reversed the family court’s parenting time determination because it was based on impermissible presumptions about equal parenting time and gender.

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Legal Decision-Making in Arizona

Legal decision-making, often called legal custody in other jurisdictions, refers to the parents’ authority to make certain types of important decisions for their children. 

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Affidavit of Financial Information

The affidavit of financial information or “AFI” is a document each litigant must file and exchange in any Arizona family court case involving requests for child support, spousal maintenance, and/or attorney’s fees. 

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