Phoenix Family Law Judges

Divorces and other family law matters in Maricopa County are heard in Superior Court. The judges are appointed by the Arizona Governor based on merit. The candidates are interviewed and screened by a special committee … Read More

Danger of an hourly divorce lawyer

The cost of attorney’s fees understandably concerns most people going through or anticipating a divorce. This is because we’ve all heard horror stories about outrageous fees charged by conventional hourly attorneys. In fact, the statistically … Read More

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

As part of our never-ending mission to simplify the legal process and improve the attorney – client relationship, we regularly review search engine data to help us learn which issues are most important and how … Read More

A.R.S. 25-213. Separate Property

A.  A spouse’s real and personal property that is owned by that spouse before marriage and that is acquired by that spouse during the marriage by gift, devise or descent, and the increase, rents, issues … Read More