Financial Discovery in Family Law Cases

Discovery broadly refers to the process of obtaining additional information or documents from another party during litigation.

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The Pretrial Statement in Arizona Family Court

The pretrial statement is an important document filed before an evidentiary hearing or trial. When the family court sets a trial, its minute entry usually contains detailed instructions and a deadline, typically five days before trial. The family court’s minute entry may require specific information, depending on the issues in the case. For example, if the case involves children,

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Testifying in Family Court

Both parties are expected to testify in family court if the case requires trial. In many cases, the parties are the only witnesses and their testimony significantly affects the outcome of the case.

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Evidence in Family Court

Our entire judicial system is founded on the presentation of competing evidence to prove or disprove a claim. It is especially critical to introduce strong evidence in family court cases, which are decided by judges and not juries.

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Arizona Family Law Motion Practice

A “motion” is a request made by a party to litigation for the court to take some specific action. Most family court motions are made in writing, though certain requests can be made orally.

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