Fixed or Flat Fees

Lawyers are expensive, too expensive. Most law firms still bill their clients hourly for literally every minute of the firm's time. It is not uncommon to see tens of thousands of dollars billed within a couple of weeks of retention. When you think about it, the hourly billing model actually incentivizes inefficiency. The longer it takes the lawyer or staff member to complete a task, the more money is earned. There are no limits to the bill and the client never knows exactly how much it is going to cost. We think this model is grossly outdated and believe it's time for a change. That's why we offer affordable flat fees to all of our family law clients. So if you want to pay a lawyer $45 every time he or she opens an envelope or listens to a ten second voicemail, we are not the law firm for you.

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Contact us for a free initial consultation if you want to discuss your case with a top rated attorney who prioritizes results and client satisfaction above billing. For most cases, including all family law cases, we will quote you an affordable flat fee during the first consultation so you will know exactly how much your case will cost from start to finish.

Flat Fee Attorneys

Our talented divorce attorneys have handled every type of divorce ranging from simple, uncontested divorce through high profile celebrity divorce involving substantial assets. We personalize our approach to ensure that all of our clients receive the same exceptional representation during divorce. While we’re based in North Scottsdale, we have multiple offices conveniently located throughout the Valley and always are happy to accommodate our clients. We have a team of attorneys ready to help you with every issue associated with divorce or family law.


Compare our flat fee divorces to the outrageous cost of an hourly attorney.



We offer affordable flat fees for all child custody actions.

Child Custody

Family Law.

Flat fees available for child support, third party, and relocation cases.

Family Law

Not All Flat Fees Are Created Equally

We are aware that we're not the only law firm in Phoenix who offers flat fees. In family law, the uniform interrogatories employed by most family lawyers require the parties to exchange fee agreements. So we've encountered other attorneys who accept flat fees or alternative fee arrangements. Many of those attorneys characterize their flat fee as "earned upon receipt" or nonrefundable. This means that you can expect to pay the entire fee, regardless of how quickly your case ends. We don't think that's fair. All of our client fees are fully refundable in the event that the ends before we 'earn' the fee.