Hall Underwood is a boutique law firm founded exclusively to deliver exceptional "big law" legal services with unparalleled personal attention and customer service.


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We are very different than other law firms — on purpose. We abandoned convention and embraced technology to massively reduce operating costs. We do not employ an army of paralegals and we do not have a dozen equity partners greedily reaching into our clients’ pockets. We prefer to keep our overhead low so we can focus on our clients, not billable hours. HULAW is built to provide smart, flexible, and client focused legal solutions. By improving our business model, we improved your bottom line.


Most law firms rigidly adhere to the convention of hourly billing. This is because it allows their attorneys and support staff to charge clients exorbitant fees for literally every task imaginable. Not us. We try to avoid hourly billing altogether. We work with all of our clients to create affordable alternative fee structures such as fixed or flat fees, fee ceilings or caps, and/or inclusive monthly subscriptions. Because you should never be surprised by your legal bill. Not only can it be wildly expensive, it can erode trust in the attorney - client relationship. Our fees provide cost certainty and typically save clients thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars when compared to traditional law firms in the Phoenix area.


Our founding attorney, Jay Hall, previously worked at multi-state litigation law firms where billable hour requirements, dress codes, superfluous legal staff, and the typical partnership paradigm inflated client fees and diminished the quality of the attorney - client relationship. In 2014, he recognized these market inefficiencies and started this law firm to deliver a superior product far more efficiently. As a result, HULAW was born. Since we launched, we have steadily grown and achieved a reputation as one of the top litigation law firms in the Phoenix area.


Some law firms make you pay for an initial consultation. We think that's crazy. You shouldn't have to pay an attorney to decide whether you need an attorney. We offer totally free consultations; usually the same day you contact us.