Business formation includes far more than simply choosing entity type, though that choice does have notable consequences. Our experienced business attorneys advise new businesses on issues related to corporate governance or compliance, contracts, employment law, business finance, capitalization, litigation risk, scaling strategy, and asset protection.

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Our business attorneys discuss with our clients their business goals and unique needs to help determine which entity offers the most benefit. If the business chooses to establish a corporation or limited liability company, our business attorneys prepare and file the documents necessary to create the entity and can serve as the company’s statutory agent. We can also prepare bylaws, operating agreements, employment contracts, purchase agreements, leases, and any number of documents our business clients my need.


An flexible entity when businesses want the liability protection of a corporation without all of the rigid formalities.


An entity best suited for companies expecting superior growth potential through sale of stock to raise additional capital.


Less formal than other entities, partnerships do offer unique advantages to .

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Once the business is formed, our experienced business attorneys lend continued assistance as needed through our flexible general counsel practice, including advising the company on legal matters related to their business strategy and operations; advising on the rights, liabilities and duties of officers, directors, shareholders, and members; drafting and reviewing commercial contracts; preparing privacy policies and terms of use; obtaining necessary licenses, permits and registrations; assisting with regulatory compliance issues; and resolving disputes.

If a dispute or lawsuit does arise, our business clients have access to our highly recognized litigation practice. We comprehensively represent businesses of all sizes and customize our solutions to each client’s particular needs.

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