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Child custody can be the most contentious issue in family law. These cases, maybe more so than any others, can have very serious and far-reaching consequences, especially if mishandled. Our highly rated child custody attorneys are committed to providing exceptional representation in all child custody cases.


Our child custody attorneys can help you establish paternity, legal decision-making, parenting time, and child support.

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Child custody plans don't always work out. We can help modify legal decision-making or parenting time when needed.

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Unfortunately, the other parent doesn't always follow the court orders. We can help you seek enforcement or contempt.

A.R.S § 25-414

Child Custody in Arizona

In Arizona, the term child custody has been replaced by two concepts — legal decision-making and parenting time. Legal decision-making refers to the parents' authority to make certain important decisions for their children. Examples of these decisions include religious, educational, and non-emergency medical decisions. Parenting time refers to the time the children spend with each parent. Some people still refer to this as physical custody or visitation. Parenting time factors profoundly into the calculation of child support in Arizona.

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Our child custody attorneys have litigated hundreds of cases involving nearly every issue imaginable. We excel at resolving difficult family law litigation.

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