In our business law practice, our attorneys believe litigation should be a last resort. That is because it can be needlessly expensive, especially when the opposing party is unreasonable. Our business attorneys prefer to employ coordinated strategies to accomplish all of our clients’ goals at minimal cost. Our business clients appreciate our proactive approach and often retain our law firm to identify and minimize litigation risks for their companies. Whenever possibly, our attorneys prefer to resolve disputes through cost effective means such as mediation or arbitration.

There are times, however, when litigation cannot be avoided. Our highly recognized commercial litigators are unafraid of the courtroom. Our commercial litigation attorneys are dedicated to the aggressive and efficient prosecution or defense of our clients’ interests.

We have successfully represented clients from the public and private sectors through virtually all types of commercial litigation, including disputes involving complex, high-dollar commercial and contract matters, fraud, misrepresentation, real estate, partnership, derivative shareholder actions, fiduciary duties, noncompete agreements, financial services and insurance, franchise matters, licenses, product liability, professional liability, premises liability, and complex tort claims.

Even if you are not currently facing the prospect of commercial litigation, our full suite of business law services may be of assistance. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your company’s needs with one of our experienced business attorneys.