Our award-winning family law attorneys know exactly what is at stake. That’s why we treat every case like it’s our only case. We deliver the effective representation of a large law firm with the personal attention of a boutique firm.

Our firm also offers affordable flat fees that typically save our clients thousands of dollars when compared to family law firms that bill hourly.


Similar to divorce, an annulment ends a marriage. The critical difference is that an annulment declares a marriage legally void as if it never occurred. Special circumstances must exist to qualify for annulment.

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Child Custody

In Arizona, child custody refers to parenting time and legal decision-making. Our experienced family law attorneys can help you establish, modify, or enforce child custody.

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Child Support

Child support in Arizona is calculated pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. Our attorneys can help you establish, modify, or enforce child support, including the collection of child support arrears.

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Cohabitation Agreements

An emerging area of family law, cohabitation agreements refer to contracts that allow unmarried couples to share property or other benefits conferred by marriage.

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Custodial Parent Relocation

In Arizona, a parent is generally required to obtain the other parent’s consent or a court order before he or she can relocate with the child more than a prescribed distance — usually 100 miles. As you may imagine, the other parent doesn’t always willingly provide this consent. That’s where we can help.

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What can we say, divorce can be complex. It isn’t an area where you want to trust your future to just anyone. Our top rated divorce attorneys have litigated divorces of all types and complexities, including high net worth and celebrity divorce. If your divorce is simple, don’t worry. We handle those, too; usually much more affordably than other law firms.

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Legal Separation

An alternative to divorce, legal separation is an option for married couples who want to live separately and apart, but wish to retain certain benefits of marriage, like spousal health insurance eligibility. Like divorce, legal separation can divide community property and debt, award spousal maintenance, and resolve child custody issues, if the parties have minor children.

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Orders of Protection

Known by several different names, orders of protection are temporary restraining orders that may be available to victims of harassment, threat, or domestic violence. Our attorneys have obtained and quashed numerous orders of protection.

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Legal paternity is not always established at birth, even when there is no doubt as to the father’s identity. Legal paternity also does not depend on a biological relationship. Our attorneys can help you establish paternity and assert or protect your child custody rights.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are written contracts where couples agree how to resolve many of the issues that ordinarily arise in the event of an eventual divorce or legal separation. An effective prenuptial agreement can save both parties tens of thousands of dollars in future litigation costs.

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

In Arizona, it is called spousal maintenance, though other states may refer to it as alimony or spousal support. Spousal maintenance can be awarded during divorce or legal separation. Because it is entirely discretionary and carries significant consequences, this is an issue where it is imperative to have the absolute best divorce attorneys on your side.

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Third Party Rights & Visitation

Under Arizona law, non-parents can petition the family court to establish legal custody or just visitation rights with a minor child. Uniquely, third party cases, including grandparent visitation, involve broad and complex Constitutional implications, so it is especially important to retain quality family law representation for these cases.

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