Transparent fees. Big savings.

Flat Fees

Most law firms still bill hourly and it is easy to understand why. They force you to sign a contract where you promise to pay your entire bill without any idea what that might be. Those attorneys require exorbitant retainers (sometimes more than $10,000) just to get started and every couple of weeks you will be asked to replenish. We think that’s wrong for so many reasons. That’s why we offer flat fees with low initial deposits and affordable monthly installments. Your legal bill should never be a surprise.

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Document Preparation

Sometimes clients just need a legal document prepared. The Arizona court system, especially family court, is designed to enable litigants to represent themselves. Our attorneys can help you prepare your legal documents, to ensure full compliance with all applicable rules of procedure and any statutory requirements. We do this at pricing competitive with “certified legal document preparers” who are not attorneys and, by law, cannot give you any legal advice.

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A La Carte Hourly

Though our law firm does everything it can to avoid hourly billing, sometimes it does make economic sense for clients who need limited scope assistance. Our attorneys offer reduced hourly rates far below market to help clients however we can. We’ll always work with you to make sure you can afford the legal assistance you need.

Subscription Services

Depending on your situation and specific legal needs, it may make sense to create an ongoing partnership. This is ideal for our corporate and small business clients who need flexible general counsel services.