Client Was Awarded Final Say; Attorney’s Fees

Final Say Decision Making Lawyers

This divorce involved custody of the parties’ two children and the division of community property. Mother retained one of our divorce attorneys because legal decision-making was an important issue she expected Father to aggressively litigate. … Read More

Temporary Orders for Sole Custody; Spousal Maintenance

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Mother retained one of our divorce attorneys when she and her children were physically and financially abandoned by Father. When their relationship deteriorated, abruptly left and stopped providing any financial support to Mother or the children. … Read More

Opposing Party’s Custodial Relocation Denied

Opposing party's custodial relocation denied after trial

In this case, as part of the divorce, the Mother petitioned to relocate with the parties’ children to another state. Mother retained a divorce attorney in Scottsdale who thoroughly attacked Father’s parental fitness, alleging substance … Read More