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Our founding attorney previously worked at multi-state litigation law firms where billable hour quotas, dress codes, superfluous legal staff, and the conventional partnership paradigm inflated client fees and damaged the attorney-client relationship. In 2014, he recognized these market inefficiencies and started this law firm to deliver quality legal services far more efficiently. Since we launched, we have steadily grown and achieved a reputation as one of the top litigation and family law firms in the Phoenix area.

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We reinvented the practice of law to make it easier, more efficient, and less expensive for anyone who needs to hire an attorney.

Our law firm operates like a startup. We abandoned convention and embraced technology to eliminate the institutional inefficiencies that inflate client fees at traditional law firms. We do not employ an army of paralegals who provide little or no value to our clients. We do not have a dozen equity partners greedily reaching into the pockets of clients they will never even meet. By reducing our operating costs and improving the business model, we made quality representation far more affordable.

Customer service is our single greatest priority. We think our customer services really set us apart from other law firms. Many firms require clients to communicate through paralegals and support staff. Some even charge 1.5 or 2x their hourly rate to speak to their clients outside of ordinary business hours. Can you afford to pay someone $525 per hour to answer your email after 5:00pm? When you are involved in difficult litigation, your problems and worries do not perfectly confine themselves to normal business hours. You need to know your attorney is available whenever you need help. That is our policy. Our clients have direct access to their attorneys around-the-clock at no additional charge.

We believe unlimited hourly billing is obsolete. Nearly every other law firm in Scottsdale bills hourly and it is easy to understand why. It allows their attorneys and support staff to charge clients outrageous fees for every second of the firm’s time. We prefer to work with our clients to create affordable and cost-certain fee structures such as flat fees or fee ceilings so that you know exactly how much your case might cost before you sign the contract.

Litigation is inconvenient, we understand that. We try to make it a little easier by utilizing a network of office space so that no matter where our clients live, our attorneys are conveniently nearby. When you hire Hall & Underwood, you do not have to worry about the hassle of fighting traffic to visit a downtown office where parking is impossible. We have ten offices in Scottsdale and many of its neighboring cities to make it easier for everyone.

Want to get paid to help awesome people? We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Explore our careers page and if you don’t see the perfect position listed, email us your resume anyway.

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  • S.N. said:

    “Hands down the best in the Valley. They were not only experienced and knowledgeable, given their strong background in family law, they were also incredibly honest, very responsive, and extremely fair. I would strongly recommend Hall Underwood to anyone seeking the absolute best legal representation and advice.”

  • A.B. said:

    “So glad I chose Hall Underwood to represent me during my difficult divorce. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable, kind, available when I needed them or had a question, and worked hard to represent me well. I had complete trust in them during the entire process. I highly recommend them!”

  • A.T. said:

    “Hall Underwood represented me in a child custody case that I thought I had no chance of winning (what I had been told by other family law attorneys). Not only did we win but we won in every aspect. In summary, I could not recommend Hall Underwood more highly.”

  • J.G. said:

    “I had consultations with 3 other large firms before I chose Hall Underwood. If anyone is considering hiring a big expensive firm, please do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and hire Hall Underwood instead! I can attest that you will receive better representation and care here!!”

  • L.P. said:

    “They were great at answering all of my questions and were patient, caring and understanding at a time when my life was turned upside down. Their flat fee pricing really eased my mind and I ended up paying less than expected, which was great because my pockets are not deep. I highly recommend Hall Underwood without hesitation.”

  • M.H. said:

    “Going through a divorce is devastating! Hall Underwood are nothing less than professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and affordable. At a time when I felt alone, I knew they were on my side, providing the best legal advice! There’s no way I would have successfully made it through my divorce without them! I highly recommend their services!”

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