Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure

General Administration

Rule 1. Scope and Applicability of these Rules

Rule 2. Applicability of the Arizona Rules of Evidence

Rule 3. Definitions

Rule 4. Computing and Extending Time

Rule 5. Consolidation

Rule 5.1. Simultaneous Dependency and Legal Decision-Making/Parenting Time Proceedings

Rule 6. Change of Judge as a Matter of Right

Rule 6.1. Change of Judge for Cause

Rule 7. Protected Address

Rule 8. Telephonic Appearances and Testimony

Rule 9. Duties of Parties or Counsel

Rule 10. Representation of Children

Rule 10.1. Court-Appointed Advisor

Rule 11. Attendance of Minors

Rule 12. Court Interviews of Children

Rule 13. Public Access to Proceedings and Records

Rule 14. Written Verifications and Unsworn Declarations Under Penalty of Perjury

Rule 15. Affirmation Instead of Oath

Rule 16. Interpreters

Rule 17. Sealing, Redacting, and Unsealing Court Records

Rule 18. Preserving a Recording of a Court Proceeding

Rule 19. Lost or Destroyed Records

Rule 20. Form of Documents

Rule 21. Improper Venue

Rule 22. Conduct of Proceedings

Pleadings and Motions

Rule 23. Pleadings: Petition and Response

Rule 24. Contents of Pleadings

Rule 24.1 Time for Filing and Serving a Response to a Petition

Rule 25. Additional Filings

Rule 26. Signing Pleadings, Motions, and Other Documents; Representations to the Court; Sanctions

Rule 27. Service of the Petition

Rule 28. Amended and Supplemental Pleadings

Rule 29. Defenses; Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings; Joining Motions; Waiving Defenses; Pretrial Hearing

Rule 30. [Reserved]

Rule 31. [Reserved]

Rule 32. [Reserved]

Rule 33. Third-Party Rights and Other Claims in an Existing Action

Rule 34. Continuances and Scheduling Conflicts

Rule 35. Family Law Motion Practice

Rule 35.1. Motion for Reconsideration


Rule 36. Real Party in Interest

Rule 37. Substitution of Parties: Death, Incompetency, and Transfer of Interest

Rule 38. [Reserved]


Rule 39. Meaning of Service

Rule 40. Summons

Rule 41. Service Within and Outside Arizona

Rule 42. [Reserved]

Rule 43. Service of Other Documents After Service of the Summons, Petition, and Order to Appear

Rule 43.1. Filing Pleadings and Other Documents

Default Decree and Consent Decree, Judgment, or Order; Dismissal

Rule 44. Default

Rule 44.1. Default Decree or Judgment by Motion and Without a Hearing

Rule 44.2. Default Decree or Judgment by Hearing

Rule 45. Consent Decree, Judgment, or Order

Rule 46. Dismissal

Temporary Orders

Rule 47. Motions for Temporary Orders

Rule 47.1. Simplified Child Support Orders

Rule 47.2. Motions for Post-Decree Temporary Legal Decision-Making and Parenting Time Orders

Rule 48. Temporary Orders Without Notice

Disclosure and Discovery

Rule 49. Disclosure

Rule 50. Complex Case Designation

Rule 51. General Provisions Governing Discovery

Rule 52. Subpoena

Rule 53. Protective Orders Regarding Discovery Requests

Rule 54. Discovery Before an Action is Filed or Pending an Appeal

Rule 55. Persons Before Whom Depositions May be Taken; Depositions in Foreign Countries

Rule 56. Modifying Discovery and Disclosure Procedures and Deadlines

Rule 57. Depositions by Oral Examination

Rule 58. [Reserved]

Rule 59. Using Depositions in Court Proceedings

Rule 60. Interrogatories to Parties

Rule 61. [Reserved]

Rule 62. Production of Documents and Things and Entry onto Land

Rule 63. Physical, Mental or Behavioral Health, and Vocational Evaluations

Rule 64. Requests for Admission

Rule 65. Failure to Make Disclosures or to Cooperate in Discovery; Sanctions

Settlement and Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

Rule 66. Duties to Consider and Attempt Settlement by Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

Rule 67. Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Rule 67.1. Collaborative Law Proceedings

Rule 67.2. Uniform Family Law Arbitration Rule

Rule 67.3. Private Mediation

Rule 67.4. Settlement Conferences

Rule 68. Conciliation Court

Rule 69. Binding Agreements

Rule 70. Notice of Settlement

Rule 71. Sanctions

Rule 72. Family Law Master

Rule 72.1. Retirement, Benefits, Stock Options, and Other Employment Related Compensation

Rule 73. Family Law Conference Officer

Rule 74. Parenting Coordinator

Rule 75. [Reserved]

Pretrial and Trial Procedures

Rule 76. Resolution Management Conference

Rule 76.1. Scheduling Conference; Scheduling Statement; Pretrial Statement

Rule 76.2. Sanctions for Failure to Participate in a Court Proceeding

Rule 77. Trials

Judgments and Decrees

Rule 78. Judgment, Attorney Fees, Costs, and Expenses

Rule 79. Summary Judgment

Rule 80. Declaratory Judgments

Rule 81. [Reserved]

Rule 82. Findings and Conclusions by the Court; Judgment on Partial Findings

Rule 83. Altering or Amending a Judgment

Rule 84. Motion for Clarification

Rule 85. Relief from Judgment or Order

Rule 86. Harmless Error

Rule 87. Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment

Rule 88. Judge’s Inability to Proceed

Rule 89. Enforcing a Judgment for a Specific Act

Rule 90. Enforcing Relief for or Against a Nonparty

Post-Decree/Post Judgment Proceedings

Rule 91. Modification or Enforcement of a Judgment

Rule 91.1. Post-Judgment Petition to Modify Spousal Maintenance or Child Support

Rule 91.2. Post-Judgment Petition to Enforce Spousal Maintenance or Child Support

Rule 91.3. Post-Judgment Petition to Modify Legal Decision Making or Parenting Time

Rule 91.4. Post-Judgment Petition to Relocate or Prevent Relocation

Rule 91.5. Post-Judgment Petition for Enforcement of Legal Decision-Making or Parenting Time

Rule 91.6. Other Post-Judgment Petitions

Civil Contempt and Arrest Warrants

Rule 92. Civil Contempt and Sanctions for Non-Compliance with a Court Order

Rule 93. [Reserved]

Rule 94. Civil and Child Support Arrest Warrants

Other Family Law Services and Resources

Rule 95. Other Family Law Services and Resources

Rule 96. [Reserved]

Family Law Forms

Rule 97. Family Law Forms


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