Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure

Rule 19. Lost or Destroyed Records

(a) Motion to Substitute. If a court record is lost or destroyed, any party may file a motion to supply the court with an accurate copy of the record. The motion must identify the lost or destroyed record, be accompanied by an accurate copy of the record, and offer proof that the copy is accurate.

(b) Order and Further Proceedings. If the court finds that the copy is accurate, the court must order the copy substituted for the lost or destroyed record. If the court finds that the copy may not be accurate, it may take further evidence and direct the parties to prepare an accurate copy of the record based on that evidence.

(c) Filing and Effect. If the court enters an order substituting a copy for a lost or destroyed record, the moving party must file the copy with the clerk. Upon filing, the copy will constitute a part of the record in the action and will have the force and effect of the original record.