Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure

Rule 39. Meaning of Service

(a) General Rule. When filing a document with the court, a party must provide every other party with an exact copy of the filed document. The method by which that document must be provided depends on the type of document filed, as follows:

(1) Service of a Summons and Petition. The petitioner must serve a summons and petition (or an order to appear and a petition) on the respondent as required by Rule 41.

(2) Service of Documents Filed in the Course of the Case. Documents filed with the court after service of the summons and petition must be provided by the filing party to the other party as stated in Rule 43.

(3) Service of Contempt Petitions. Contempt petitions must be personally served by a person authorized to serve process on the individual named in the contempt petition.

(b) Acceptance of Service. A party may accept service under subparts (a)(1) or (a)(3) as provided in Rule 40(f)(1).