Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure

Rule 47.2. Motions for Post-Decree Temporary Legal Decision-Making, Parenting Time or Child Support Orders

(a) Generally. A party requesting temporary legal decision-making or parenting time after entry of a decree must file a verified motion stating the legal and jurisdictional bases for the motion, and the specific relief requested. The motion must include a proposed parenting plan containing the legal decision-making and parenting time requested for both parties. The motion must incorporate by reference the relevant allegations of the pending post-decree petition and not separately repeat them.

(b) Timing. The party may file the motion after or at the same time the party files a post-decree petition authorized by statute.

(c) Service. The motion must be served on the responding party in the manner set forth under Rules 40(f)(1) or 41, as applicable.

(d) Scheduling. The court will schedule a resolution management conference or an evidentiary hearing on the motion, as appropriate.