Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure

Rule 56. Modifying Discovery and Disclosure Procedures and Deadlines

(a) By Written Agreement.

(1) Generally. Unless the court orders otherwise, the parties may agree in writing to:

(A) take a deposition before any certified reporter, at any time or place, on any notice, and in any manner specified, in which event it may be used in the same way as any other deposition; and

(B) modify other procedures in these rules governing or limiting discovery or disclosure.

(2) Court Order. Unless it interferes with court-ordered deadlines, the time set for a hearing, or the time set for trial, a written agreement under Rule 56(a)(1) is effective without court order.

(b) By Motion. A party may move to modify any procedure governing or limiting discovery or disclosure. The motion must:

(1) set forth the modification sought;

(2) show good cause for the modification; and

(3) attach a good faith consultation certificate that complies with Rule 9(c).