Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure

Rule 84. Motion for Clarification

(a) Grounds. A party may file a motion that requests the court to clarify a ruling if the ruling is confusing or is susceptible to more than one reasonable interpretation.

(b) Timing. A party may file a motion for clarification at any time, but the motion does not extend the time for filing a notice of appeal.

(c) Procedure. Unless the court orders otherwise, a party may not file a response to a motion for clarification, and the court may summarily deny the motion. However, the court may not grant a motion for clarification without providing the nonmoving party an opportunity to file a written response.

(d) Rule 83 Motion. A party may not combine a motion filed under this rule with a motion under Rule 83. On a motion for clarification, the court may not open the judgment or accept additional evidence as it can under Rule 83.