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Affidavit of Financial Information

May 16, 2020|Insights|

The affidavit of financial information is a sworn written inventory of a litigant's monthly income and expenses filed in most types of Arizona family law litigation.

Valencia v. Valencia

March 31, 2020|Appeals|

An unpublished memorandum decision where the Arizona Court of Appeals vacated the family court’s calculation of child support and spousal maintenance arrearages that included temporary support.

Hayden v. Lynch

March 24, 2020|Appeals|

Unpublished memorandum decision that affirmed orders establishing legal decision-making, parenting time, and child support by default.

Rychlik v. Sodergren

March 19, 2020|Appeals|

Unpublished decision that affirmed attorney's fees award and imposed sanctions against litigant who did not follow court instructions.