Litigation, especially family law litigation, is acrimonious, stressful, expensive, and extremely time consuming. Mediation can be inexpensively completed in a few hours and without any court appearances. Because our law firm is best known for its trial practices, our attorneys are uniquely positioned to mediate and help litigants cost effectively resolve legal disputes.

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While virtually all types of lawsuits can be mediated, it especially makes sense for family court litigants to explore mediation because the court system itself is mediative and nearly every case is referred to some type of alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution where a neutral third party, usually an attorney or former judge, helps litigants resolve legal disputes. It can be particularly effective in divorce and family law cases where outcomes are usually non-binary and conducive to compromise. As a result, family court judges nearly always order parties to attend mediation or another type of alternative dispute resolution before the court will set trial.

Litigation is really expensive even in family court. Litigating a civil lawsuit regularly costs tens of thousands of dollars, even if the case is comparatively lower value and subject to compulsory arbitration. Family court cases are quite similar when parties hire attorneys who bill hourly. We have seen other divorce attorneys charge their clients more than $200,000 and these cases can sometimes take years to resolve through family court. Do you really want to spend the next several months or years of your life replenishing an attorney trust account or managing the stress of pending litigation? Mediation offers litigants a way to avoid all of that.

Besides its enormous cost, litigation is also really inconvenient. Parties often have to take time off work to travel to court to attend any number of hearings that accomplish very little. For our busiest clients or clients who just do not want to be in the same place at the same time, we use videoconference software to conduct professional and discreet mediation remotely so you never have to leave the comfort of your home. It also enables us to fit mediation into the busiest schedules by offering evening and weekend appointments.

We try to maintain resources containing the latest information to help individuals who are considering mediation or litigation.

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