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Fee Ceilings

Litigation is unbelievably expensive. Civil lawsuits and contentious family law cases regularly cost six figures to litigate at law firms who bill hourly without any limitation. This is not hyperbole intended to frighten you, it is just the reality of unlimited hourly billing. Our firm was founded to offer clients a better option — we call it a fee ceiling.

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Fee ceilings protect our clients from the worst case scenarios of litigation and set an upper limit to how much their case can cost.

The two terms are often used interchangeably to describe fee structures with a defined cost. The biggest difference is that flat fees usually require the client to pay the full fee regardless of how much work is performed on the case. This one-size-fits-all approach does not work well for litigation clients who settle their cases early and without much attorney time. So we modified the concept to protect clients on both ends of the spectrum. If your case is extremely contentious and goes the distance, you are protected from infinite attorney’s fees. If your case resolves quickly, you only pay for the attorney time you used.

Our clients enjoy the same full scope representation they would receive at other law firms. We handle everything for our clients from the start of their case until its conclusion. The only difference is that we insulate our clients from the risk of limitless attorney’s fees. We tell our clients during the initial consultation how much the case might cost and that fee ceiling is built into the contract.

Even though our fees are often a fraction of what a comparable law firm would charge, litigation is still expensive. That is why we offer interest-free monthly payment plans catered to our clients’ budgets. Our ultimate goal is to make it possible for everyone, not just the wealthy, to hire the best attorneys for their case because financial resources alone should not determine the outcome of your litigation.

Below you will find resources to illustrate the unpredictable costs of hiring traditional attorneys and explain certain billing practices commonly used throughout the industry.

If you have questions about our fee ceilings or would like to know how much your case would cost, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.


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